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Paver sealing brings enhanced life and superior protection to your pavers. Pavers lose their natural beauty by being exposed to elements such as UV rays, water, and algae. Our extensive and trusted paver sealing process will bring your pavers back to life, contact us today for a free quote!
We apply our environmentally friendly stripping agent that is designed to remove multiple layers of various types of coatings. It performs by penetrating and softening the coating film. We completely strip off all old failed sealers from the surface.
Restoring pavers requires professional equipment, training, and experience. Paver restoration can include a wide range of professional services such as joint sanding, weed removal, oil stain removal, rust removal, calcium removal, stripping failed sealer and color restoration. At Kennelly Paver Sealing, we do all of our free estimates in person and always make sure to educate our potential customers about our process. Our paver restoration process will leave your pavers looking beautiful and vibrant again!
Clay Kennelly
Paver Sealing Orlando

Sealing Pavers in Orlando One Property at a Time

Kennelly Paver Sealing provides a comprehensive range of paver sealing sealing services for residential and commercial clients in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Our expert paver sealing and restoration team makes your 100% satisfaction their priority. 

We use state-of-the-art equipment, top-quality supplies, and expertise to deliver the expected results. We keep an eye on developments in our industry and consistently train our team and update our equipment.

All our gear is the best, from the trucks we drive to the mixers we use. Our team consists of skilled and experienced craftspeople who take great pride in their work because you deserve nothing less. 

You can expect your paver sealing and restoration to go off without a hitch. Our team is reliable, thorough, and pays attention to every detail to ensure consistent results. 

However, what truly differentiates us is that we work to the highest quality standards. We carefully strip away the top layer of grime to reveal the underlying surface. The rough finish ensures that the sealant bonds securely with the paving, locking in that pristine shine. 

All you have to do is decide whether to go with a high-gloss topcoat or something more matte.

Contact us at 407-853-2020  today for your free estimate in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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Why Choose Us

We Can Fulfill Your
Paver Sealing Needs in a Single Day

Kennelly Paver Sealing experts have decades of combined experience making commercial and residential structures more welcoming, beautiful, and valuable for potential buyers and current residents. We can complete our paving service in one day, allowing homeowners and property managers to get an immediate return on investment.

Here is how we do it.

Paver Sealing Orlando

Cleaning and Maintenance

Before we apply our sealants, we use industrial and eco-friendly cleaners to remove mold, weeds, dirt, and other contaminants from our job site. A paver will lock in stains and discoloration until it wears off, so we use our pressure washers and steel brushes on poorly maintained areas. We will restore the brand-new look of your deck, driveway, and pool area before installing a final layer of protection.

Paver Sealing Orlando


We hydro compact sand into the paver joints. Sanding is necessary for superior joint stabilization and durability. Sanding also significantly slows down the growth of algae and weeds growing in between the joints.

Pressure Washing Orlando


We will seal pavers using a waterproof, chemical resistant, water based commercial grade sealer that is breathable and meant to last.

We Are Experts In Paver Sealing

Decades of Professional Experience

Our decades of industry experience allow us to buy paving substances at wholesale prices and invest in materials we use for thousands of jobs. We also have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

One-Day Sealing Service

With our trademark three-step process, our team can complete hundred-square-meter paving jobs in under 24 hours.

Get the Latest in Paver Sealing Technologies

Our team uses three high-quality paver sealers:

  1. Ocra by Sealwet
  2. Ureseal H20
  3. Cobble Loc by Surfacelogix

These products are high-performing, odor-free, eco-friendly, safe for pets, and provide years of protection.

Pressure Washing Orlando

5-Star Paver Sealing Services Near You!

Why trust Kennelly Paver Sealing for your project? We could tell you it’s because of our years of experience, stellar service, or state-of-the-art equipment, but you know about that already. 

Instead, we’ll let our customer reviews speak for us. Feel free to look and see why our clients say we offer five-star service in their own words. See what customers like you experienced and why they’re happy to recommend our services. 

Look through our gallery, and you’ll see examples of our work. You’ll know that we never treat two properties or homes precisely alike because there is no one generic paving solution that applies to everything. 

We know that pavers are expensive. You’ve spent thousands of dollars to achieve the look you want. The last thing you need now is an inexperienced team making a mess of it. 

We understand what your property means to you. That’s why we’re happy to share examples of our work and display our customer reviews with such pride. 

Paver Sealing Orlando
Paver Sealing Orlando

What Our Customers are Saying

Based on 94 reviews
Great job and great communication throughout the process.
I Would recommend Kennelly Paver Sealing to any one trying to get their pavers sealed and clean. Fantastic job and will be doing business again.
N Bryant
N Bryant
I cannot say too much good about how pleased I am with my pool deck. Not to mention Clay and his brother were life savers. I was going to attempt to tackle my nightmare alone!! A brief moment of insanity. Clay answered my call shortly after I left a message came on that same day, gave me a quote said he could do it in two days and would be back the next week. All of this was astonishing to me since most won’t even return call. He was a man of his word. They came the next week, cleaned my entire enclosed pool/porch area, sanded and sealed and was done in two days as promised. No more weeds or clumps of mold, it looks brand new, I am thrilled!!! Very reasonable cost done by two very professional young men. I highly recommend Kennelly’s.
Sarah George
Sarah George
Clay did a wonderful job I would use him again on other projects I know the job would be done right would recommend him to any one needing work on their pavers thank you so much I am very happy
Joyce Moreno
Joyce Moreno
Veteran owned and operated. Quick, efficient, and affordable. Clay did my driveway and pavers for my 50+ year old house and it’s never looked better! Kennelly has done several jobs for my family and we are always so impressed with their work. Easiest recommendation I’ve given!
Clay was very thorough and took great pride in his work. I’m very happy with how my pavers turned out and will definitely reach out to Clay for any future work I might need. Highly recommended.
David M
David M
Good communication and quality work. Clay walked me through the process before starting and kept me informed every step of the process. It was a large job and I’m happy with the finished product. Would recommend to others.
Jonathan Zimmon
Jonathan Zimmon

FAQs About Paver Sealing in Orlando

Curious to learn more about our high-end paver sealing process? Here are what our customers want to know:

Sealed surfaces are walkable in three to four hours.

Yes, but hiring professionals is often cheaper and more time-efficient.

Yes. Re-sanding is a standard part of the preparation process.

Most pavements require resealing every three years, but that timespan can vary depending on foot traffic and other environmental factors.

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